Saturday, December 17, 2016

Research Blog #10: Final Abstract, Bibliography, and Link to Your Paper



The brand is a promise of an experience. People think about brands on a daily basis without even thinking about it. When one  walks into a museum the promise is aesthetics, and when one attends a live football the promise is energy and spirit. The best brands are able to maintain legitimacy by being authentic. If the brand promise is kept the buyer will be more inclined to repeat the experience. Many of the top ranked universities in the country thrive because of strategic branding. One cannot deny the fact that branding has become a primary factor in building an image for the university. The brand image of a school creates a sense of identity for the students that attend the school as well as the potential students that may one day attend the school. College Athletics is an optimal way to outwardly brand a university because sports branding is everywhere in higher education. College athletics get media coverage which can be watched by alumni, stakeholders and potential students. The hope is that the brand image will encourage alumni to donate money and stakeholders to continue to invest money into the university, while attracting new potential students. Universities look for something unique that they can advertise to the public eye, to encourage the general population to want to be apart of the schools culture. The game of chess is perceived by many to be a complex game played by intelligent intellectuals which could just be the perfect device to advertise in terms of creating a brand image that represents what University is all about. Chess, as well as other niche sports such as fencing, golf, and crew offer significant scholarships to students who are experts at their craft. Many schools will brand advertise via billboard or internet about how good their teachers are, or how they try to build close relationships with the students preparing them for the “real world” after college. It is all just a facade to attract the student and ultimately make money which is what universities do best. The brand that a university decides to advertise does not always have to be factually true as we will see, however as long as the public perceive the information on the brand as positive then that university succeeded in their mission which plays perfectly into the idea of “brand logic”. This is a market-oriented form of deception that universities officials use in order to make a profit, at the expense of the common people paying tens of thousands of dollars for university. This essay will critique the idea of “brand culture” by discussing specific cases of universities that invested much time into their brand image, as well as discuss the creative branding opportunities that can arise through niche sports like chess. 

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